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Every year an increasing number of universities make demands concerning the uniqueness of diploma papers and essays and make special plagiarism checking. Unfortunately, not only students but also many teachers do not understand what it is and how it can work. What is plagiarism? How can it be controlled? Fortunately, unique Plagiarism checker helps everybody understanding it. Being the best essay plagiarism checker, this special service online does all the work for those, who are truly interested in getting the best result — unique text.

The way it Works

Unique content is always valued, and there is always a demand for it, which is constantly growing. However, not all webmasters are trusted by copywriters, and not all teachers can control if their students used only their own, original ideas and words. Therefore Plagiarism checker was created. How does this plagiarism detector work?

Checking manually millions of sites on the internet is just a senseless waste of personal time. Thus the best plagiarism checker comes to help. This plagiarism detector work in the following way. You just copy and paste the text from any paperwork, and the program separates parts of the text and sends it to the search engines. For example, take a piece of text say 200 characters and send them to most popular search engines. They show coincidences, analyze the text and give the answer — if the content was “stolen” from some resource or not.

Should any Text be 100% Original?

Perhaps many will now be shocked, but free plagiarism checker does not actually show whether this work is copied from the finished works from the Internet or not, as many think. Online plagiarism checker shows only the borrowed text. This plagiarism detector shows the percentage of the uniqueness. The coolest advantage of this copyright checker is its high speed. Even the longest texts are checked in several minutes. The “norm” for uniqueness here is different — from 80% to 98%. The works that show the result less than 80% are considered “not unique”.

Check Diplomas for Originality

Only professional, automatic online plagiarism checking here is the perfect tool for doing it. After verifying the content, this free plagiarism tool gives an automatic report — it shows the percentage of the text originality. Additionally, it can examine the grammar and find the possible mistakes.

However, often writing a diploma work involves borrowing. There is no course work, completely written from the head. If you open any methodology with the requirements of any university for a coursework or diploma, you can read that to write a work you need to pick up the material, study, analyze it yourself and on its basis write a course. All citations are required to make out footnotes/references.

It is difficult to write an academic job with a high percentage of originality. Here you need to analyze the sources and state the material in your own words; not all students can do it correctly, so the ways to increase the uniqueness of the text artificially are made. Therefore the originality checker is just the “helper”— only a teacher should finally decide whether he takes this work or not.

Use Personal Approach Also

Yes, sure, it is possible and necessary to use plagiarism checking programs. Meanwhile, do not make this verification too formally. To achieve high uniqueness, when testing this program, for theoretical work is very, very difficult. But if you look at the results of the test, in which the borrowed text is highlighted, you can easily understand whether the work is written off or not, even without seeing the final percentage of the work originality.

Steps to use Plagiarism checker

When you need to check copyright, do simple steps:

  • Copy the text you need to check;
  • Paste it into the special empty field;
  • Click “check” button.

The check for plagiarism should be finished in several minutes (depending on the text length).

You can use also advanced options of this program and download the text extract from Google Drive, DropBox or your computer. When the text is not unique, the tool will show you red links for the borrowed phrases; unique results will be green.

Essays on Global Warming Created by Rocket Paper

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