Persuasive Essay Pre Writing Outline Worksheets

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This writing unit is give students four different persuasive essay prompts to choose from. The topic choices involve celebrities as role models, the influence of reality television, the salaries of profession athletes, or the impact of media.

Section 1: This document first includes a two-page topic proposal and prewriting worksheet. This section allows the teacher to approve the student's chosen topic and ensure that student has clear ideas in order to develop a full essay on the topic.

Section 2: The document also includes a three-page essay outline (student will outline their thesis, body, and conclusion of the essay). The outline also asks students to identify and explain opposing viewpoints to their stance.

Section 3: The document includes a three-page peer review form. The peer review form asks students to exam elements of each paragraph and identify areas for improvement

Section 4: The document includes a one-page grading rubric for the final copy of the essay.

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